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You believe I am saying that they pressured them into it?
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Dołączył: 07 Kwi 2020
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Wysłany: Wto Kwi 07, 2020 07:59 You believe I am saying that they pressured them into it?

Is there a source for it? Nothing regarding the NFL initiating the talks and being unhappy. Sounds like it was Madden game firms. The MLB did so as soon after without any discount shenanigans that are bizarre from Madden nfl 20 coins MVP baseball. The deal, 1 EA admits to having lobbied for over the past few decades, is an exclusive five-year licensing deal granting EA the sole rights to the NFL's teams, stadiums, and Madden players.

You believe I am saying that they pressured them into it? They came up with this strategy because by also offering their match considerably cheaper so that they offered a boatload of cash to the NFL 2K looked great and threatened their cash. Sure blame the NFL, they probably realized they'd get more royalties out of it too but that doesn't make your narrative true that they came to EA or that it had been their idea.I was not commenting on who's idea it was, just the fact the when it comes down to it, the occurrence of the exclusive license stays entirely on the NFL. If EA hadn't ponied up the cash, 2K could have. The exclusive license was gonna happen regardless of who obtained it.

2K could have, if EA had not ponied up the money. The exclusive permit gonned na no matter who obtained it happen. Wasn't this the deal such as this of its kind? Was the NFL even thinking about this as a possibility before EA had been"calling for it for years" or anything? This could be the case, but this is where I sort of wanted some proof, as without EA going opening a line of dialog and supplying countless millions this does not seem inevitable to me.

However from what I've heard/read through time, a big part of why the NFL did it was because they did not like 2K promoting a"discount merchandise" using NFL branding on it. Fair enough if accurate, it is sort of astonishing to me how stupid, wicked and/or covetous a lot of level executives are. 2K was doing so as a stunt to violate Madden's stranglehold. They put a ton of work but you got to get it get out the word. They did everything you are supposed to do in a free market and did everything by the book. I believe it says a great deal that EA was pushing for it for several years.It is troubling to me which passings yards/touchdowns are the only criteria which determine the dev attribute of that a QB. I had guessed that this was true through my franchises but I guess this confirms it.I'll use Derek Carr as an illustration of why this method will not make sense. Derek Carr is playing football. High end percentage (3rd in the league) good passer rating (7th), solid Y/A (12th), great DVOA (3rd).Of course, none of this matters to the Madden formulation, since he's 16th and 15th in the league in yards and cheap Mut 20 coins touchdowns respectively due to the way the Raiders' offense works (utilizing plenty of shorter throws to gain first-down yardage and running the ball quite a bit).
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