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Apple claims it has re-released Texas Hold’em
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Dołączył: 28 Sie 2019
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Wysłany: Sro Wrz 18, 2019 08:00 Apple claims it has re-released Texas Hold’em

Apple claims it has re-released Texas Hold’em to “celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the App Store”. However, it’s actually the 11 year anniversary, with the App Store originally launched in July 2008. Which is also when the game itself made its debut. Still, ignoring the fact that the game has arrived a year late, it’s well worth playing. Especially as it’s available for free, unlike the original, which cost $4.99. Texas Hold’em is also free of in-app purchases. So you’ll only be spending virtual money this time around.

Apple actually released Texas Hold'em back in 2006 -- before the App Store even existed. It was initially available for iPod before iPhone card sharks were able to get their hands on it in 2008. Apple pulled the game from the App Store in 2011. Now, it's back under the same app listing, which says Texas Hold'em has returned to "celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the App Store" instead of the 11th anniversary, for some reason. In any case, the decade-long gap between version histories in the patch notes just has to be a record. If you need buy Facebook Poker Chips, you can visit our site

Texas Hold’em is fundamentally the same as the prior version. Each player gets two personal cards and up to five community cards to assemble a winning five-card hand, earning chips to unlock additional casino locations including Roppongi, Las Vegas, and Macau. While there’s a single-player mode where you just choose the locale, a multiplayer mode includes over 140 different digitized characters — likely including Apple employees — which may or may not explain why the app is now a whopping 1.5GB in size.

Keep in mind Apple is also preparing to launch its Apple Arcade game subscription service soon. It'll let users pay a monthly rate to play as many different participating games as they want. More than 100 new and exclusive games will be included at launch, and it'll live inside the App Store in its own dedicated tab, instead of launching as a whole new app.
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