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asics gel nimbus
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Dołączył: 28 Maj 2020
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Wysłany: Czw Maj 28, 2020 05:47 asics gel nimbus

Why would a running shoe company asics shoes want to avoid making money from this market? If ASICS isn't careful, they might become the IBM of running shoes. So, after reading the comments of Simon Bartold I am adding this brand to the increasing list of shoe brands I will never buy. Thanks for the awesome post Pete. Once again you have put forth a well thought out and supported rebuttal to an extremely biased comment made by another "the world is square!" shoe company leader. It continues to amaze me that a shoe company would allow an employee of theirs to alienate an entire group of consumers. Wow. By the way Simon, since you're calling for evidence, where is your evidence that the high-heeled, high-cushioned, highly "supportive" shoes you are pushing prevent injury or even help the runner in any way?

And the argument that "if it ain't broke& " doesn't hold any weight since there aren't any studies that today's platformed heel running shoe prevent injuries in any way. I'm thinking that the only thing those shoes are good for is to help prevent heel fractures when heel-striking. Just one runners opinion. Not that consumer opinion counts, right Simon? Oh, and even if you weren't supposedly speaking for Asics, if you represent yourself asics shoes womens as an Asics researcher then, to the minds of the audience, you are speaking for Asics. Sorry, but its true. Great post Pete. I can't help but be annoyed at the belligerence of Bartold. Whenever I approach debates like that I always like to look back at history. It provides great insights into how and why we developed our unique physiology.

To scoff at that is a bit insensitive asics shoes men to the motto of ASICS (Anima Sana In Copore Sano). I bought a pair of Saucony Kinvaras and took to backing off my mileage and speed and focused on my gait and foot strike. I'd never thought of myself as an inefficient runner, but my race photos might attest to an abysmal running form. I really look ridiculous. Before I get too terribly long winded, I immediately felt comfortable in the Kinvaras (this is NOT a product comparison between Saucony, Brooks, and ASICS). I also felt an almost immediate change in my gait and foot strike- from being a heel striker to becoming a midfoot/forefoot striker. I still would alternate between the Brooks Adrenalines and ASICS 2150's for my longer runs (anything over 8 miles).

Either way- I took two months off of running (that killed me) asics running shoes and when I finally did dare run, on went the ASICS. I'd comfortable run a marathon in 2150's last September, so they were my go-to's. 0.75 miles and I was done. The pain was still there and I was miffed to high heaven. furious even. I could feel that something in the shoe was changing my gait and foot strike in a way that my body didn't want to move. So I closeted my Brooks and ASICS and dusted off my Kinvaras. Another week off and I went out for a comfortable (but slow) 12 mile run on even terrain. No pain. That was 15 days ago. I've since run some 51 miles and while some runs have been uncomfortable, my last- yesterday, was a 13.1 miler that was completely pain free in any area that had previously bothered me.

Asics must be concerned about the minimalist movement if they send their big?chief?Bartold to argue with people who do not need proof about their running style. Why else would Bartold be looking at websites calledZero Drop'? I run minimal because it works for me. We do not need to sell a product like Asics does. I do not?believe?that the water shoe manufacturer thought about my 15 mile jaunts while designing them. Therefore, Bartold's presence on this site and Zero Drop' should be taken as a compliment my minimal runners that the major shoe manufacturers take us a serious threat to their philosophy: a clear win. A reader on Zero Drop' asks Bartold why he can run barefoot with his?double axes neurological vertigo but cannot take a step in Asics without falling over.

Some of us feel that it is worth it to put in the initial pain to run how we were born to. Thanks, first and foremost, for putting out an excellent blog. I've enjoyed reading your updates and reviews asics gel nimbus tremendously. I typically do not post comments but after reading this particular update, I knew I had to share some of my experiences. In running two.5 marathons and one full marathon (I only started "running" about a year and a few months ago& but have been a basketball and soccer player all my life), I've always worn stability shoes from the Asics Kayano to Adidas SuperNova to the pair I wore to all three races: the Nike Equalon 4. I am a shoe freak and often buy multiple pairs so that I can try them all out. Good question.
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